Leoder Sanchez

“Your Best Self”


Hawthorne is a direct to consumer mens care brand specializing in tailoring grooming products to a customer’s lifestyle & body chemistry.


As a designer and photographer, main tasks were to concept and create a variety of multi-disciplinary content. Images were used across a variety of platforms including social media, advertisements, and marketing campaigns. 

Worked with Phillip Wong on packaging design of face products
Campaign photography by Jack Maffucci and Phillip Wong

Photography for the launch of the Hawthorne body products

Travel Size fragrances launch campaign photography and motion graphics

Collaboration with Porches for the ‘Leather’ launch
Assisted in production of ‘Leather’ music video directed by Ben Carey
Merch Design by Phillip Wong
Merch photography by Leoder Sanchez

Collaboration with Kelly Oubre Jr. for the ‘Barbershop’ launch
Assisted in production of collaboration and BTS documentation
Photos by Hannah Sider

Selected photography


Animations and motion graphics