Hawthorne is a direct to consumer mens care brand specializing in tailoring grooming products to a customer’s lifestyle & body chemistry.

As a designer and photographer, main tasks were to conceptualize and produce multidisciplinary work involving design, illustration, motion graphics, photography, and videography.
Role —
Designer and Photographer

Hawthorne Face Products
Worked with Phillip Wong on packaging design of Hawthorne face products.
Role —

Photography —
Jack Maffucci and Phillip Wong

Hawthorne Travel Size
Photographs and animation for Hawthorne’s Travel Size campaign
Role —
Designer and Photographer

Collaboration with Porches for the Hawthorne ‘Leather’ launch. Photographed Porches in merch associated with the launch. Assisted in production of ‘Leather’ music video directed by Ben Carey.
Role —
Designer and Photographer

Merch Design —
Phillip Wong

Video Director —
Ben Carey

Collaboration with Kelly Oubre Jr. for the ‘Barbershop’ launch. Assisted in production for launch and captured BTS photography.
Role —
Designer, Production Assistant and BTS Photographer

Campaign Photography —
Hannah Sider