Leoder Sanchez is an art director and multidisciplinary designer born and raised in New York. Currently based in Queens, NY.

Sanchez’s work explores the spheres of fashion, beauty, and community with a background in graphic design, illustration, and photography.

Currently an Associate Art Director at MI&C and is open to freelance opportunities.

Select Clients
Calvin Klein, The Fader, Hawthorne, Living Proof, Marc Jacobs Fragrances,  Philosophy, Prada, Spotify, and others.

BARANGAY - Barangay Vol. 001

Sari-Sari Studio - Kapwa: Quaranzine

Jan Vincent Gonzales - Mercado Vicente

Furthermore - My Grooming Regimen: Hawthorne’s Phil Wong

Forbes - Why Hawthorne Is The Next-Generation Men’s Personal Care Brand